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Don't let your money blocks stop you from the abundance and success you truly deserve.

  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Poverty Mentality
  • Self-Sabotage
  • Cult of Mediocrity

Release these money blocks and live the life of your dreams through abundance, opportunity and wealth.

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Discover Your Money Block Quiz

Empower your financial future: By improving your money mindset as a female entrepreneur, you take control of your financial future. 

Unleash your potential for financial freedom and harness the power of abundance.

Attracting Opportunities

When you have a positive money mindset, you radiate an energy of abundance and openness. 

Increased Abundance Mentality

 A positive money mindset shifts your focus from scarcity to abundance.

Building Wealth 

A positive money mindset sets the foundation for wealth creation. A positive money mindset boosts your confidence in managing and growing your finances.

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Discover Your Money Block Quiz
"As a money mindset coach specifically focused on empowering female entrepreneurs, I understand the unique challenges you face. With my expertise and compassionate approach, together we can unlock your financial potential and build a thriving business." 

-Nine Years of experience as a licensed therapist
- Bachelors in Finance, minors in investment
- Held over 5000 individual sessions
- Facilitated 500+ group/coaching therapy sessions

Discover Your Money Block Quiz

“Elevate your impact and influence: By expanding your money mindset!” 

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"Unlock Your Financial Potential: Empower Your Mind, Empower Your Success!" 

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Discover Your Money Block Quiz

Are you ready to unlock the secrets to a prosperous and abundant life?


Are you a female entrepreneur ready to overcome your money blocks and achieve financial abundance? Are you determined to grow your business and create the life you've always dreamed of? You're in the right place!

At elevated money mindset, we understand that as a female entrepreneur, you face unique challenges when it comes to money. That's why we're here to provide you with the tools, resources, and support you need to uncover and overcome your money blocks, elevate your money mindset, and empower yourself to reach new levels of success.

Our mission is to help you unlock your full potential, both personally and professionally, by transforming your relationship with money. We believe that financial abundance is not only attainable but also essential for creating the life of your dreams. It's time to break free from limiting beliefs and embrace a mindset of prosperity.

Welcome to The Inner Compass Podcast.

I'm your host Alyssa Cotten. I’m on a mission to help female entrepreneurs find and nurture their inner compass by tuning into their mental health, mindset and personal development. 


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Discover your money blocks

Identify the specific money blocks that are holding you back from achieving financial success.
This session will provide valuable insights into your current money mindset.

"Empower yourself through financial abundance" 

Overcoming Financial Anxiety for Female Entrepreneurs

Dec 11, 2023